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DraftKings Promo Code

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Draft Kings promo code

So the fantasy football season is right around the corner (who else is super excited???) and it’s time to draft your team. Doesn’t matter if you are drafting with your  friends or at a pro site like Draftkings  you better draft smart or your team will rack up losses all season round

Having said that, it leads me to this weeks subject matter NEVER GIVE UP and HAVE SOME FUN. Each year we see that when teams get to week 7 and they have a losing record it becomes very easy for them to quit playing. One of the many reasons I love Fantasy Football is the fact that I can actually pretend to be a REAL Owner/General Manager/Coach and or player on a REAL NFL team. Remember that just 7 short weeks ago we all were very excited about the possibility of not only making it to the playoffs but actually winning the whole taco, the LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP.  Sometimes there is the potential to get off to a poor start, so it becomes very easy to quit. We all have heard the saying “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win.” And, because quitting is one little old click on the keyboard it becomes apparent that losing is also a state of mind. What else do we quit in life?

draft kings promo code

Draft kings promo code

This is the time of the season to really have some FUN with your team. I like to tell the story of how, just a couple of years ago, one of the teams in a league I was in, started off with a 0-5 record. Perfect reason for this team owner to chuck in the season. Instead he tweaked his team and dropped a couple of players, players that weren’t living up to their contract (see how easy it is to pretend we actually own an NFL team)? Over the last 9 games he went 8-1 and not only made the playoffs but won his League Championship. Now that’s a WINNER!

Another thing to consider is that it’s not fair to the other team owners. Lets say you have someone like Drew Brees on your team. If you quit and never put Brees back into the player pool, the FA list, none of the other teams can use a very high scoring player. Not fair. Plus, this is the time of the season where we get bombarded with BYE week players. My wife had six players out this week. But because she stockpiled players for the BYE weeks she breezed through the replacement players. I had more than just a few questions this season by Team Owners asking about Carlson Palmer. This is where going with your GUT FEELING kicks in. I advised that if your roster could afford it,  keep him on your team. We knew it was just a matter of time he would come back. Why? Because he had a clause in his contract that he would earn 11 million dollars this year. Not too many people on this planet are walking away from a deal like that. So, when Jason Campbell went down and the possibility of losing his services for as many as seven weeks, it created the perfect timing for Palmer to pick up that $11 mil.

Currently I have 5 teams with an over all record of  12-9.  One of my ESPN teams is 0-6. I call it my experimental team with the experiment going terribly wrong. Real easy to click that quit key, or worse, do nothing at all leaving the rest of the league wondering where I and the players on my team went. Conversely, it creates the perfect chance to play around and take a chance on a player that I may or may not add to my draft kings  roster. This is what makes the game fun.

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