How to Make Money Playing Poker Online (Hint: Use a Poker HUD!)

We all want to win more at poker, it’s just a fact. Another fact is that the game is hard and not all posses skills and have the time to learn it in details. Sure, there are plenty of online courses to teach you how to be a better poker player. But again – time is an issue! One of the fastest and most convenient ways to dramatically improve your poker game is by using a small app, called a poker HUD. Most poker sites do allow these little buggers and  the pros are using them freely for years. No matter where you are playing – at 888poker, Winamax, Pokerstars or any other big room, the “sharks” are using poker HUDs and taking people’s money. So in brief – if are even remotely serious about winning more, you just need to get yourself a good poker HUD software. According to the post linked above the best HUDs at the moment are as it goes:

  • Poker Tracker
  • Hand2Note
  • Holdem Manager


When a round is played at a poker room, the poker client will save a history of the hand with the players and their actions. At many poker rooms you can get those hand histories saved locally on your own computer. You can then look at all the hands that you have played. But it can be tough to find the exact hand replay as the files are not that easy to navigate and search through. It is here Poker Tracking programs are useful as they can show you the hand replays in an informative way.

The more information you read about more online poker, the more you will learn, the better you will play. Books, e-books, articles it doesn’t matter. As long as it is challenging, expert and nice to read then you should do that.

Then why have I been a success at poker tables? Why is it so easy for me to make money while other poker players struggle to brake even? Well, actually not many of the online poker players do brake even and even fewer ever make any money by playing poker. So what is my key to financial success with poker?


poker tracker 4 HUD

This isn’t the sort of eccentric play that can be exploited forever though. When Matusow figured player A had an AK or the like he is basically gambling. While most will run a strategy where they will call with pocket pairs I doubt in this case that A will call with anything less than 10-10. Against A-A or K-K or a higher pair, 10-5 will win only about 15% of the time, and with 10-10 to 5-5, about 25%, and with 4-4 to 2-2, nearly a coin flip.

Retain the valuable lessons you have learned from your first foray into the live poker realm. Whether you win or lose, nothing replaces the experience you get from each hand you play (or don’t play, for that matter). And the more you play live games, the more effortless your decisions for each hand in play will come. Knowledge of game and practice are key to successfully overcoming the daunting and sometimes intimidating world of live poker. You will soon enough absorb the atmosphere of the card room and decide if you wish to make it part of your poker experience.

The size of a bet relative to the pot, often tells you if your opponent is strong or weak. If he is weak, attack! Look, the fact is that it is difficult to get a big hand on the flop (a set or two pair is usually the best possible hand on the flop). Go on the attack. If you get re-re-raised, just fold.

hand2Note free poker HUD

It’s hard enough to win at poker nowadays with all the information that’s available to improve your game. There are a lot of decent players out there. The games simply aren’t as soft as they were when I started playing online 12 years ago. That’s why playing with a good HUD is essential and will vastly improve your odds of winning at the tables.