Affiliated programs and networks that pay huge commisons

In this post we will talk about the most important thing if you are an online affiliated marketer – the networks who you will be working with! And more specifically we will make a list and short reviews of the networks that pay the most per sale or lead and have HUGE sign up bonuses. Because you know, at the end of the day it’s all about the money honey! Why do all the heavy lifting, make a nice website, get traffic and visits if you don’t make good money out of it? It kinds of defeats the purpose, except maybe if you are having a charity type of site but those by default are not really supposed to make money.

Friendly warning -some of the networks listed are NSFW (not suitable for work) – meaning they are in the adult niche. Yes, sex do indeed sells and makes a lot of people a ton of money. The networks and niches listed will be mostly of that type. So if you re not 18 or older or don’t want to be in the adult niche this article is not for you. So please just close it and leave, no hard feelings.

AWEMPIRE is a one of the oldest and most used networks. They have webcams and dating offers and the payouts can go as high as 70%! Also they offer an amazing bonus of $150 for all new members with first payout! To help us make more money they have an amazing variety of banners, landing pages, page peels, discount codes and more. This is truly a well made affiliated program and no doubt one of the most trusted and popular in this industry.

CAMSPOWER is another network in the adult niche with great offers. They have multiple of their own websites which we can promote and they also offer a “white label” webcams. With these you need to buy your own domain and send traffic to it. The payouts are again superb – they offer revenue share which goes as high as 65% and up to $200 per sale. These are massive sums of money just out there up for grabs guys! Sex sells, remember? The white labels pay 20-35% revshare but you have to have in mind that they do host the sites and have many other expenses. All we have to do as affiliates is send them customers and they take care of the rest. Another thing in the plus column for CamsPower is they unprecedented $250 sign up bonus!


Yes, it’s “that” Google! Not many folks know but Google have a great and very lucrative affiliated program. It’s for their G Suite and pays $15 for G Suite Basic, $30 for G Suite Business plans and up to $3 000 per domain! This is huge and one of the best commissions – $3000! Learn more about this crazy good offer here at their official site.

High paying affiliated programs

Phone Sex

Yep, back to the NSFW stuff. Phone sex like webcams and dating is a big business with a ton of guys and ladies who are looking for offers and websites to hookup or talk to on. There are literally dozens of phone sex affiliate companies which pay good money and have great paying offers. Pick the one that suits your website’s need the best. Some offer massive sign up bonuses too which range from $50 to $100!


Web hosting in general pays great. The program that – from our research – pays the most is WPEngine. They offer a cool $200 per each sale and there is no cap on how much you can earn – the more you refer the more money you will make! Here’s the link to their affiliate program if you are ready to join them and make some serious cash.

So here we have it! 5 amazing affiliated networks and niches to work with which pay great and offer huge sign up bonuses. Pick the ones you feel he most comfortable to work with and give them a try! Or why not try them all:) There is no ceiling on how much you can make so basically the more work you put in, the better results (hence- money) you can make.

Best of luck on your projects and go get that money!