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Today we are back talking about fantasy football and more specifically about fantasy football at one of the major sites – Fanduel. We will discuss drafting, players strategies, injuries reports and also what offers and deals Fanduel have going on in brief. If you need a more detailed look at the current Fanduel promo code offers visit the site here and for the latest promo code offers from their rival DraftKings check the post from yesterday where we talked more about the current DraftKings promo code offers for 2016. Over all this season starts with a ton of action and ton of surprises and having a good, solid plan who to draft and who to drop from your rosters is absolutely critical. This post will try to make a few points about what’s going on in the NFL as of now and it’s really up to you if you’ll agree with us and our opinions and take action or not.

OK, so about  25% of the season has gone by so far. How’s your Fantasy team doing? If it’s been anything like the real NFL it’s been crazy. We still have the MNF game tonight so we’ll be giving you some final stats on Tuesday. However, I was so excited about sharing some thoughts on week 4 that I want to put this out now.

Fanduel promo

Fanduel promo code

This past Saturday I started to write a report on when do we get rid of our best players and  I was thinking about how little Adrian Foster (RB Houston) has done going into week 4. Even though he was out 2 of the 3 games, he had 4 overall points (all 4 in one game and that’s not good) or an average of 1.33 points Per Game (ppg) for the three games. In most leagues he was the #1 overall draft pick. He should’ve been knocking out at least 20-30 ppg. That’s what #1 picks do. They carry your team. You build a team around them. You play them every week. They are your ‘studs.’ Last week I had no fewer than 10 e mails asking if they should drop Foster. If they took my advice they held on to him for one more week. The way I look at it, it was his first game back from a groin injury (he played a little in week 2). This would be a good test to see if he was a one year wonder or the real deal. Keeping him for one more week would not make or break a season. So, what does he do yesterday? How about 155 yds rushing, 11 receiving yards and a TD. Translation: 28 Fantasy pts. Note: although I follow several leagues, you can assume that when I mention how many points a player gets I am using the stats from Back to Foster, aren’t you glad you kept him? 28 points is nothing to sluff off. Those are the numbers he should be getting each week. Fantasy football is a week by week type game. With an obvious core of 5-8 players (depending on which site or format you use) the rest of your team could be flipped, from starters to bench and back week by week, depending on who they are playing, Opponents Rankings, etc. If you only get one idea from these posts it should be that there are a lot of things to consider when putting together your starting line up for that particular week. Which leads me to my next random thought.
The ONLY expert you should trust is YOU! Before the games started yesterday I was watching a Fantasy football show on TV. The ‘experts’ were discussing how many points certain players were “going to get.” My better half turns to me and asks “how do they know that?” The easy answer would have been that they have tons of statistics to pour over and if that’s their full time job they can cover a lot of relevant material all week long. Instead I simply said “Your guess is a good as mine.” To me, that is the right answer. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, all hell breaks out. Either your top gun gets hurt during practice week (which is why you should check your team each day) or he has an ‘off’ week, or one or two of your bench players, which you tossed and turned on whether to start or not has a 30 point game. Or, as it happened to me yesterday, your superstars get injured early in the game. I had both Vincent Jackson (WR San Diego) and Andre Johnson (WR Houston) knocked out before the first half was over).While I’m thinking about it, a good show to watch for input only is Fantasy Football on ESPN2 on Sunday at 11:30 AM. Use their info and stats, take some of their advise, but as I’ve said before TRUST YOUR GUT. Make your own decision. If you use as many sources as possible you should be right most of the time. Fantasy football is a game of statistics. The Universal Law of Averages means that if you go with the majority of numbers you’ll be right most of the time.
Another valuable tip: don’t wait until an hour before the game to start making changes. On the 2 big ones, and there are thousands of Fantasy players going on those sites looking for last minute info. For two weeks in a row, both sites went down temporarily because of all the traffic. Try to do as much as possible on your team during the week, so when it comes to game time your all set. Not to say there will be some last minute changes occasionally. But you should only be looking at a player or two that might be, what is called the ‘kiss of death,’ a game time decision.
Nowadays you’ll hear a lot that the NFL is a passing game. Teams still have to run the ball, but each week we’re seeing QBs throw 300 and 400 yards per game. Yesterday Aaron Rodgers (GB) threw 408 yds and had 4 TDs for 66 points. Tom Brady had an ‘average’ game of 226 yds and 2 TDs for 26 pts. I mention Brady because that might be one of his lowest point totals on the year. These high scoring QBs like Rodgers, Brady, Drew Brees, and Phil Rivers are starting to spoil us. Even Cam Newton (Carolina) has two 400 yard games and a 387 yard game and he’s a rookie. And that’s 3 out of 4 games. I mention this because if you have WRs and RBs on these teams play them every week. Even if they are 2nd, 3rd or 4th on their depth charts. RBs on those teams might also have Pass Receiving points, so play them as well. Will this get you more points every week? Can’t guarantee that. But I can guarantee that over the course of the year those players will have more points than WRs and RBs from QBs on the other end of the spectrum. Some examples from week 4: Randall Cobb (WR GB) 14 pts., Green-Ellis (RB NE) 14 pts.(these are not household names), Steve Smith (WR Carolina) 23 pts. Darren Sproles (RB NO) 5.6 rec yds(5.6 pts), Mike Tolbert (RB SD) 5.1 rec yds (5.1 pts),the last two are RBs so when you add those points to their Rushing yds it makes for a good game. How about James Jones, a 3rd stringer (WR GB) with 48 Rec yds and a TD for 10 points? Not bad for a 3rd reciever. I’d take those points every week, especially when he was projected to only get one point. The point of all of this is we don’t get the BIG points from just our studs. Take a real good, long, hard look at WRs,RBs and Tight Ends as well from your stronger QBs. If they throw for 300-400 yards, someone has to catch those passes.
One last thought, there are more than just 4 good QBs in the NFL. The above mentioned are what we call the Top Tier. There is a ton of talent right below them such as Eli Manning, Matt Schaub, Mike Vick, Tony Romo and more. Even the Bengals rookie QB Andy Dalton had 22 Fantasy points yesterday (Booo, he had them at the expense of my beloved BILLS).
You’ll notice that I haven’t done players rankings yet. We’ll start them next week after we have 25% of the season in the bag and a pretty good handle of who’s on first (I know, wrong sport) by then. The underlying thread to all of this is you must do your homework. The more you put in, the better the results. I hope some of this helps.

Also make sure to check these Fanduel promo code offers we mentioned up above – they offer 5 totally free entries for new depositors now and this is not something you should pass on if you never had a Fanduel account. As always – playing fantasy football is only allowed for people of 18 years of age or older and in a certain number of states. Please check if your states allows playing for real money, the best place for all the current information on this matter is of course Fanduel’s official website.

Have fun drafting!